Nova is a responsive video installation. The work is a study of water, combining video footage and synthesized graphics to generate evolving visual patterns. By means of interactive technology, these patterns gradually adapt to movement in the work’s environment, creating a contemplative relationship between Nova and its viewers.

When it is at rest, water is neutral and still, but upon any stimulus it immediately assumes intricate, changing forms. As soon as wind touches its surface, textures appear; currents give rise to eddies and flows; casting a stone produces a multitude of waves. Constantly transforming, it becomes abstract and hypnotic. All of this richness emerges from fundamental physical principles of wave cancellation and reinforcement. Water exemplifies the way that simple systems can give rise to complexity.

Each viewer plots a unique course through the imagery depending on the scope and focus of their gaze. In this way, Nova emulates the experience of finding images in natural structures, such as by seeing figures in clouds or hearing melodies and rhythms in environmental sounds.